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Reiki Healing : A Remedial Solution Of Complications During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the happiest, blissful, beautiful and spiritual experiences of any women’s life.  The happiness and emotional feelings of the very thoughts of being called mother by own child brings tons of joy, hope and positivity which changes the entire world of the mother to be. The women who is very much healthy before pregnancy also becomes vulnerable of so many complications due to excessive worrying, negative feelings and even depression because of hormonal changes during pregnancy which might start taking physical, mental and emotional toll on a pregnant women and her baby’s health.

Q. What are the common complications of pregnancy? 

A. Some common complications during pregnancy is:

1) Stress and Anxiety

2) Body pain

3) Morning sickness

4) Reduction in quality sleep

5) High blood pressure

6) Severe, persistent nausea and vomiting

7) Gestational diabetes

8) Infections

9) Preterm labor

10) Miscarriage etc.

Q. How does Reiki healing helps in preventing the common complications during pregnancy?

A. Reiki healer sends the spiritually guided universal life force energy to the pregnant woman and heals all the seven chakras of the entire body system, channelizing positive energy during pregnancy to keep the mother healthy and happy. A lot of studies indicate that the more the happier a woman is during pregnancy, the lower the chances of the mother and baby facing physical and mental challenges.

Q. When should healing be started?

A. The healing should be started just after the confirmation of pregnancy as early healing of the pregnant women keeps her positive, helps her to focus on the changes happening in their lives and giving her support to cope better with all the stress that comes along during this phase.

Q. Are there any adverse effects of Strong healing energy during pregnancy?

A. Absolutely no.   As Reiki is gentle and spiritually guided universal life force energy, hence the body of pregnant women receiving Reiki, intuitively understands the energy needs and thus it takes the healing energy as per the body requirement.

Q. Is there any scientific proof of the effectiveness of Reiki healing?

A) Reiki healing is an alternative form of energy therapy in which spiritually guided universal life force energy is transferred from Reiki healer to the recipients. It is being used for centuries in various forms, though it is hard to prove its effectiveness through scientific means.

It is already used in more than 60 hospitals in U.S.A. as a vital care provider. Recent research from USA Connecticut’s Hartford hospital determined that pregnant women who take Reiki healing on regular basis, experiences a 94% reduction in stress and anxiety, a 78% reduction in pain and an 80% reduction in morning sickness. Pregnant Reiki recipients also enjoy an 86% improvement in quality sleep. A Google search currently shows that more than 10 crores adults have tried Reiki healing.

Q. How does chakra healing help during pregnancy?

A. Reiki healer heals the entire body system of the pregnant women and their baby by sending energy to all the chakras as healing,

1)  Root chakra helps in grounding, security, safety, support and confidence about the birth process,

2) The sacral chakra helps in strengthening the womb and helps to balance the female hormones which in turn helps in regulating the emotions during pregnancy and smoother pregnancy.

3) Manipura chakra helps in developing self-confidence, self-empowerment and self-esteem which is essential to avoid postpartum depression.

4) Heart chakra helps in developing and opening up the heart for unconditional love towards the mother to be and the baby.

5) Throat chakra helps in sending positive thoughts and establishing good communication with the child inside the womb and thus starts forming strong bonding between mother and baby.

6) Third eye chakra helps in developing intuition, better visioning and visualization. It also helps in smoother birthing process and alleviating the stress related to the entire process.

7) Crown chakra helps in developing the healthy brain of the child and raises the state of consciousness.

Our chakra system is synchronize by endocrine glands. The thyroid and parathyroid with throat chakra, pancreas with solar chakra, gonad with sacral chakra and adrenal with root chakra, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands synchronized with crown and third eye chakra. Chakra healing will have a greater effect on regulating those glands and hormones for overall a better and smoother pregnancy.

Chakra healing increases vitality, clears the aura, enhances vibrations and mother child bonding and gives all types of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support for blissful birth of baby.

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